die casting parts


Youju offers a complete range of pressure die casting services. These include mold tool making, die casting, machining, polishing and plating. Our advanced inspection and test equipment ensures the quality of your raw materials and your finished parts. We invite you to experience our professional service at an unbeatable price when you send us your CAD files for a free quote.

Pressure die casting is the process of making high fidelity copies of your designs by injecting molten metal into custom made steel dies. It’s the most cost effective way to produce medium to high volumes of metal parts with excellent surface finish and dimensional accuracy.

The quality of pressure die castings is affected by numerous technological factors, such as die casting plunger velocity inside a filling chamber, increased pressure, liquid alloy temperature, temperature inside a filling chamber, temperature of a pressure casting die. Velocity is a determining factor of a die cavity filling regime affecting both internal and surface quality of a die casting.