Twenty thousand sets of mold practical production experience.

More than 15 years of working experience in the hardware industry; die casting engineers develop solutions to meet customer needs quickly. We provide a wide range of hardware and die-casting products. Our customer comes from all around the world, mainly Europe , North America, Japan, South Korea, and also in the domestic market. The core technology, premium service, scientific management, strict quality control helps us earn a high reputation in the metal field.


Focus on precision hardware and die-casting development,

design, mold manufacturing, and all kinds of precision parts, and provide customers with a lot of all-round services such as design and various surface treatment processes.Including R & D center, tool, mold, printing, assembly line, etc OEM/ODM, Mass production services

Complete Range of Metal Stamping Services

Metal Stamping
  • Progressive stamping
  • Precision metal stamping
  • Custom metal stamping
  • Deep drawing stamping
  • Metal forming
  • Metal bending
  • Reel to reel stamping
  • Rivetstamping
  • Prototype stamping
  • Sheet metal stamping
  • Micro metal stamping
  • Terminals stamping
Materials for Metal Stamping Parts
  • Stainless steel stamped parts
  • Aluminum stamped parts
  • Nickel-Silver stamping parts
  • Brass stampings
  • Copper stampings
  • Spring steel stamping parts
Stamped Metal Parts
  • Small metal parts
  • Deep drawing parts
  • Rivet parts
  • Contact pin
  • Contact clips
  • Spring clips
  • Shielding case