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Six in one shield

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This product is made by stamping the whole material. Customers have searched for suppliers and opened molds for customization. In the end, they all failed. The technical difficulty is that the six EMI shielding covers are integrated, and the sides will collide when the small corners are bent. The overall deformation makes production unstable.
Later, the customer contacted our company and we made mold samples within 35 days. The customer was very surprised and unbelievable when he received the samples. The guests were not at ease, they came from the United States to check in person, and our company also actively cooperated, so the mold was put on the machine and waited for the guests to check and accept. After the guests personally checked and accepted, they could leave without worry.
The subsequent production was also very smooth and did not disappoint the customers. The product has been produced one after another without any quality problems.